Studia Universitatis Babeș-Bolyai. Theologia Reformata Transylvanica

The God of Jankélévitch is creative energy, eternal acting goodness and love, but it is not a person and does not personally know its creations. It does not rule, does not enter into a covenant, does not bring redemption at the cost of its own heartbreak, does not judge sins and does not forgive them, does not speak, does not give commandments, does not conquer death, does not resurrect the dead, and does not offer eternal life.

A törvény: méltányosság. A folytatás őre. És persze alkalom az önhitt moralizálásra. Az evangélium: jó hír. A lehetetlenné vált folytatás folytatásának a jó híre. És persze alkalom az olcsó kegyelem igénylésére.

The spiritual atmosphere can be pure and impure, life nourishing or stifling. The physical atmosphere can also be pure or polluted, life nourishing or stifling. In this context pure air means the abundance of man’s physical living conditions, the pureness and the absence of harm in the whole ecological system, ensuring man’s living space. It also means the balance, which has to exist between the food- and energy resources of our planet for the daily needs of its 7 billion inhabitants.


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