Courses taught by Szabolcs Ferencz Kató

Cred 4 · Sem 1 · Őszi

The specific objective of this course is to introduce the student into the Old Testament / Hebrew Bible by means of summarising presentations, section by section and chapter by chapter. Topics to be tackled include the primeval and patriarchal periods, the exodus, the Sinai covenant, the desert wanderings. The course homes in on the interpretative enterprise en ensemble, which subsumes comprehensive knowledge about the authors and historical background of the individual books of the Old Testament / Hebrew Bible and its wider cultural milieu in the ancient Near East.

Cred 4 · Sem 3 · Őszi

The main objective of this course is to provide a detailed description of the content of the text of the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible, of the history of the literature and of the isagogics of ancient Israel. This objective will be achieved through the employment of the various books of the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible as primary sources and extra-biblical texts as secondary sources.

Cred 2 · Sem 7 · Őszi

Der Kurs verfolgt das Ziel die Studierenden mit den theologischen Fachbegriffen aller theologischen Disziplinen vertraut zu machen. Die Einheiten sind modular konzipiert und umfassen das Lesen, Hören und Reden. In den Sitzungen werden Themen nach der Wahl der Studiereden besprochen und in die erwähnten Module eingebaut. Zu jedem Thema wird ein Text ausgesucht, den der Studierende nach der gemeinsamen Übersetzung schriftlich zusammenfasst.

Cred 1 · Sem 5 · Őszi

This course is intended to provide a how-to approach both to graduate and postgraduate theological research and writing in general. Good formal writing, in our view, need not be stiff, labored, or boring to read. It can be creative, direct,
and vigorous — even to the point of possessing some literary merit. Further it must pass the tests of simplicity, accuracy, economy, and clarity.