Patriarchal History and Israel’s Sojourn in Egypt: Genesis/Bereshit 11,27-50

This lecture homes in on the various toledoth of Genesis/Bereshit 11,27-50, with a specific focus on the story of Abraham (11,27-25,11), the genealogy of Ishmael (25,12-18), the story of Jacob and Esau (25,19-35,29), the genealogy of Esau (36,1-37,1) and the story of Joseph and his brothers (37,2-50,26). The lecture continues with the topic of the New Testament’s use of Genesis/Bereshit 11,27-50. Further topics to be discussed include: the historicity of the patriarchal accounts, changing promises, the akedah or sacrifice of Isaac, ancient marriage customs, the religion of the patriarchs, Egypt in the Joseph story and Judah’s speech.