Bachelor in Theology - Lutheran profile

Earning the Bachelor in Theology degree (Lutheran Profile) involves a study of four years (240 credits) that may be followed by a two years masters studies. (Obtaining the masters degree is compulsory for those intending to work as a minister in the Lutheran Churches in Romania.) Lutheran profile degree studies are financed by the Lutheran Churches of Romania. At the start of their academic application, students sign a contract with the supporting churches by which they commit themselves to work at least five years within these churches once they have finished their studies.

The purpose of the bachelor studies is to introduce students into the basics of theology, including biblical, systhematic, historical and practical training. Theological subjects are combined with various other programs where the aquired knowledge can be put into practice (different forms of missionary work, legations, church service, etc.). While these activities do not appear in the official curriculum, they are required if the student indends to become a minister in the future.