A kórus hírei

2017/02/28 - 12:41 · 7 years ago · Esemény

The Theological Institute's mail choir with its active and alumni student members prepares for a special meeting in Barót under the guidance of choir leader Brian Johnston.

2015/11/26 - 12:51 · 8 years ago · Hír /

On the 2015 year annual meeting of the Song Alliance the professional activity of Timea Benkő was praised by his former teacher and leader of choir of the Theological Institute, László Attila Kovács.

2015/10/01 - 12:09 · 8 years ago · Hír /

The choir participated in an intensive summer camp in the Andor Urbán Conference Center of Parajd (Praid). The concert program took form amidst intensive training and pleasant mood.