The mixed choir of the Theological Institute prepares for its 25th jubilee

The choir participated in an intensive summer camp in the Andor Urbán Conference Center of Parajd (Praid). The concert program took form amidst intensive training and pleasant mood.

During the Autumn of 2015, two important events appear on the agenda of the mixed choir. In 2015 the choir celebrates its 25th jubilee. The choir was founded in 1990 by Attila László Kovács, professor of Lutheran theology. The forming of a mixed choir was made possible by a significant increase in the number of female students receiving admission to the Institute. The concert will take place on the 14th October, merging with another important event, the 120th anniversary of the Protestant Theological Institute of Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca).

Moreover, on October the 31st, 2015, the mixed choir will participate on a "crossover church service" organized by the Lutheran Church in Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca), as part of the "Cluj 2015, Youth Capital of Europe" project.

The summer camp of the choir was organised in Parajd (Praid) with daily intensive training of 6-8 hours, during which most of the material prepared for these concerts was learned and exercised. In total 19 members participated in this camp under the leadership of choir leader Timea Benkő. Brian Johnston, choir leader of the English boys choir from the PTI, was also present due to a support from the Presbyterian Church of Canada. The organisation of the camp was made possible through the generous support of the Reformed Churches of Transylvania and Királyhágómellék, the Bishop's Office of the Hungarian Unitarian Church, the Lutheran Bishop's Office in Romania, the Hungarian Democratic League in Romania, and the Communitas Foundation.