Courses taught by Dezső Kállay

Cred 4 · Sem 1 · Őszi

At the Introduction to the New Testament I course we present the conditions and the circumstances regarding the formation of the synoptic traditions, we introduce the attendee into the substance of the synoptic problems and their possible solutions.

Cred 4 · Sem 3 · Őszi

At the Introduction to the New Testament III course we present the literary history (author, addressee, where, when and the circumstances in which they were written, the reason for why they were written, the literary unity and their structure) of the letters of Paul written to the Galatians, Romans, Philippians, Colossians, Ephesians and the Pastoral epistles, their main content, the most representative theological themes and motifs.

Cred 5 · Sem 1 · Őszi

The Applied Hermeneutics course looks at the history of hermeneutics, considering especially those achievements that still have a relevance today in the process of textual interpretation and in the preaching practice.