Courses taught by Sándor Béla Visky

Cred 4 · Sem 7 · Őszi

Dogmatics is the branch of theology which tries give an analytical reflection on Christian doctrine. The goal of this course is to present the teaching of the Church concerning these topics in their historical context in order to develop the ability to formulate the christian doctrine as relevant as possible for the present age.

Cred 6 · Sem 1 · Őszi

Apologetics is that branch of theology which seeks to confirm the relevance of the Christian faith through rational arguments. It continuously seeks the common ground and linguistic forms between traditional Christian teaching and contemporary thought, in this way making the reality of revelation available for outsiders.

Cred 6 · Sem 1, 3 · Őszi

The goal of this course is to familiarise students with the particular dogmas and practices of historical churches, denominations and small fellowships, whose adherents we encounter on a daily basis.

Cred 4 · Sem 1 · Őszi

Ethics is the science concerned with appropriate human behaviour. In a descriptive and prescriptive way, it studies motivation, methods, goals, and consequences, and its own ability to generalize both in an individual and communal sense. Immanuel Kant talks about the problem of “How should we act?” through the correlation of three questions: who is man, how do we know, and, what may we hope for?