Zoltán Adorjáni has received the Gáspár Károli Prize

On November 10th, 2022, at Villa Ybl in Budapest, a festive event took place where professor Zoltán Adorjáni was honoured for his activity in the field of Protestant theology.

At the annual awards ceremony, Zoltán Adorjáni, a professor at the Protestant Theological Institute in Cluj-Napoca, and István Bogárdi Szabó, bishop of the Reformed Church District along the Danube (Hungary), and former professor at the Károli Gáspar Reformed University of Theology were simultaneously hounored for their academic activities. The prestigious award was presented by Miklós Soltész, Secretary of State for Religious Affairs of Hungary. The Károli Prize is mainly awarded to recognize achievements in the fields of theology and ecclesiastical literature.

The ministry and academic activity of Zoltán Adorjáni were praised by Sándor Előd Ősz, a teacher and disciple of the honoured professor, currently a staff at the PTI. In his speech, he talked about the pastoral family legacy and ministry of Zoltán Adorjáni and praised the professor, theologian and a well-known editor of Transylvanian theological literature.

Upon receiving the award, Zoltán Adorjáni emphasized that he considered it not only an honour but also a surprise. Especially because church ministry is not driven by personal ambition, but rather the recognition of tasks and duties received from God. At the same time, he expressed gratitude to his parents and former professors who preceded him on this journey, and to his family, who all contributed in their own way to help him fulfil his mandate.

Congratulations to the professor of our institution for this prestigious award! We pray for God's blessings that through his conscientious work, he will serve the cause of Christ's church among us with health and joy.

(Photo: Zoltán Molnár)