A tanító igehirdetés időszerűsége

Székely József: A tanító igehirdetés időszerűsége. In: Studia Doctorum Theologiae Protestantis 15.1 (2024), 219-235. pp.

Preaching as an instrument for teaching Christian doctrines. In the last three decades, Transylvanian society and church members have experienced a shift toward secularisation, particularly within the Reformed Church. This trend has made it difficult to engage with younger congregants drifting from organized religion. Despite this, there’s a vital need to re-emphasise Christian teachings, especially considering the current state of the Hungarian Reformed Church in Transylvania, where many lack a deep understanding of biblical and Reformed doctrines. Christian education should be more than just imparting knowledge; it’s about fostering spiritual growth. Ministers, alongside church elders and congregations, should actively teach Christian values, ensuring members develop a strong, knowledgeable faith. Ultimately, faith is more than learning; it’s about a personal connection with God. By focusing on education in preaching and investing in educational initiatives, the Church can nurture a generation of well-informed, devout believers.