Gyakorlati teológia - Liturgika

The students will learn the History of sacred spaces, the sacred architecture, the professional orientation in sacred spaces and the service in such places and buildings. They learn and experience the organizing and leading of church services in the Reformed Church in every life - situation, and they competently cooperate with the pastors of other denominations.

The aim in the first semester is to clarify the problems of Liturgical History and to answer theoretical questions about liturgy itself. In this way the students will be able to have a look at the first Christian services and liturgy, get a hint about the liturgies used by Christian denominations, they will learn what new things the Reformation brought about in church services and must have to correctly every Reformed liturgy form.

Liturghia serviciului divin după Cartea Liturgică a Bisericii evanghelice-luterane din România. Cântările liturgice. Studenţii trebuie să însuşească liturghiile, cântările liturgice, textele liturgice din Cartea Liturgică; studenţii vor învăţa să pregătească liturghia integrală a unei slujbe divine, să formuleze textele ce aparţin de elementele proprii unei anumite slujbe. Studenţii vor însuşii cunoştinţe fundamentale de himnologie legate de cântările liturgice învăţate, precum şi probleme teologice legate de anumite elemente din liturghie.


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