Theological English language I

Theological English introduces the students to the most commonly used English Theological expressions, makes the student capable to recognize them in context, to understand them in interrelation and to use them properly and adequately in writing and speaking. It develops the students’ reading and communication skills in English spoken Theological language.


Specific competences

Specific competences In the first semester students learn the particularities and the acquirements of knowledge in Theological English, they begin to collect their active Theological English vocabulary and they learn to read and write more effectively. The students come to know and learn the basic concepts of English Theological thinking, start to use them correctly; they read, write and translate in English Theological texts.

General competences

General competences The students get to know the basic concepts of English Theological thinking, they use them correctly, read, translate and draw in writing English Theological texts.

Total estimated time

Classroom study Course Seminar Practice
2 hours/week 0 2 0
28 hours/semester 0 28 0
Individual study Hours/sem
Total estimated time 78
Studying course notes and bibliography 28
Further documentation in libraries, electronic platforms, or on the field 14
Preparing essays, papers, or documentation 6
Personal tutoring 2
Total individual study 50


Students will write papers and will hold conversations during the English classes all semester along. At the end of semester they will have a recapitulative written paper.