The 11th International Congress on Calvin Research

Institute for Swiss Reformation Studies, University of Zurich: The 11th International Congress on Calvin Research. Zürich: University of Zürich Faculty of Theology
vasárnap, 2014, Augusztus 24 - 14:00 - csütörtök, 2014, Augusztus 28 - 10:00

The International Congress on Calvin Research has been meeting regularly every four years since 1974. The group is essentially concerned with theological and historical research on Calvin, the beginnings of the Reformed Church and its theological traditions in the 16th century, as well as the history of its influence. The goal of the congress is, on the one hand, to provide a platform for a worldwide international scholarly discussion of the latest research in this area, and on the other hand, to further the next generation of scholars.

A presidium is responsible for the congresses that take place on alternating continents, usually every four years. The presidium is made up of representatives from different geographic and linguistic regions of the world.

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2014/08/25 hétfő

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12:00 Papp György Aspects of Calvin’s Use of Chrysostom-Quotations Concerning the Free Will