Istenfogyatkozás. Megjegyzések Dorothee Sölle teológiájáról

Visky Sándor Béla: Istenfogyatkozás. Megjegyzések Dorothee Sölle teológiájáról. In: Studia Universitatis Babeș-Bolyai. Theologia Reformata Transylvanica 2011.2 (2011), 15-44. pp.

A Total Eclipse of God. Notes to the Theology of Dorothee Sölle. Sölle’s world of ideas would be profoundly true, and would carry much more weight in the attempts made for the renewal of theology, if she had consistently kept the non-commutative order of cause (God) and effect (intellect), instead of carelessly mixing the two. Because it is true that the gospel preached in this spiritually disintegrated, indifferent age, an age that questions with virtuosity the very meaning of existence, should give prominent place to the relation of intellect and personality to God. But if it is not completely clear that God himself is the source of the Spirit, which is triumphant over all nihilistic disintegration and that we, without discernment, identify God with our faith in the rationality of the world, then we again have made our heroic faith, ourselves and mankind the instance which lends the greatest meaning.