English language I

The course is designed to develop the English language skills of theological students. The challenge is to create situations in which students consolidate their knowledge, become more fluent in speaking and improve everything that is related to comprehension. The grammar areas cover the needs of the students. At this level grammar is needed to fill the gaps in their knowledge and deepen their understanding. The other purpose is to develop fluency in speaking. This is linked to the topics, lexis and grammar so as to include opportunities for students to turn input into output.


Competențe specifice

By the end of the course students should be able to develop the ability of understanding an oral or written message, the ability of speaking, and an interest in the study of the language.

Distribuția fondului de timp

Număr de ore pe săptămână Curs Seminar Practică
2 ore/săptămână 0 2 0
28 ore/semestru 0 28 0
Studiu individual Ore/sem
Timpul total estimat 75
Studiul după manual, suport de curs, bibliografie și notițe 20
Documentare suplimentară în bibliotecă, pe platformele electronice de specialitate și pe teren 5
Pregătire seminarii, teme, referate, portofolii și eseuri 20
Tutoriat 2
Total studiu individual 47


Formative evaluation by classroom observation to check both individual and global progress; workbook exercises; skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking exercises; photocopiable exercises. Accumulative evaluation by review and test CD. Self-evaluation: students are encouraged to check their work by completing the Checklist for the studied units where they must give a score to each one of the competences seen in the units. The final grade consists of: the score of a quiz test, to be taken at the end of the semester (50%), a presentation on the studied topics (20%), class attendance and participation (20%), signing in for the class and taking part at the exam (10%).